Zanzibar Pillow Cover

Zanzibar Pillow Cover

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Missing the sun? Buy a Zanzibar pillow cover!

Instant betterment of the mood!

100% cotton. Dimensions: 40x40 cm (15x15"). Pillow not included.

Vendor: The Mabinti Centre

The Mabinti Centre ('mabinti' = 'girls' in Swahili) trains young women recovering from fistula surgery in screen-printing, sewing, beading and crochet. During a 12 month course the trainees develop the knowledge and skills they need to establish an income and become financially independent. At the end of their course each graduate is supplied with a starter kit containing a sewing machine, scissors, a supply of fabric and a calculator. After training for a year the Mabinti women are ready to start their own business. Follow up and support is provided by the Mabinti Centre for one year after graduation. Graduates return to the Centre once a month for a coaching session, and home visits are organised to gather information about their business and to give advice when needed. It's a great joy for the Mabinti team to see these young women, once outcasts in their own communities, transformed into thriving and confident young ladies.